Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Update from Ken - May 26th, 2004

OK then... I've been busy as of late!

I've mostly moved out of my apartment over to Nancy's house.
(My residence of 14 years - yeah I know, I could have bought a house by now, I don't wanna hear it)

Great thanks to:

- Nancy for great assistance in the move and a great new place to live.
- Rachel (Nancy's daughter) & Arin (Rachel's boyfriend), who will take over my former residence, for great assistance in the move.
- Bob, my landlord, for amazing action on renovations to the apartment.

Once my stuff is fully moved in, I'll still need to unbox and "place" it... so, we'll see how that goes...

Also - I'm taking a trip with Nancy, her sister Barbara & their Mom to visit New Orleans for Nancy's nephew's (Ben's) high school graduation (could you follow that?) ... We're driving, almost straight thru. Should be fun!

And thirdly, I'm busting hump to get orders out for the University before I leave for our summer projects.

When I get back from NOLA, I'll have a few days and then it's out to Madison, WI for business for 5 days.

After that, I'd just like to lie flat on my back for a day or two...

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Sheldog Oyster ultra-light pick-up / Seebris engine & drive train

A superlight pick-up truck for small loads...

Dual bicycle chain drive trains on inflatable bicycle rims in the rear - a 2 person cab in front - body made of aerodynamically molded, white enameled fiberglass - the vehicle is thin in overall width.

Excellent gas mileage, uses little oil as well since engine is a small 2-stroke.

I dreamt this - the design & the name - I even saw the logos.

Seebris even made a matching pair of running shoes for owners of vehicles using their engines & drive-train!

Here's how the dream went:

Nancy & I came out of some store or restaurant in the evening, headed back to our car which was across the road (not sure where, but not urban - there were trees & woods around).

From behind, some young teen with a southern accent catches my attention as he complains to his dad about something, the dad tells him not to worry about it - as they pass us, maybe the kid appears emotionally handicapped - hard to tell.

As we cross the street we see they're part of some multi-vehicle contingent passing thru ... There are at least a dozen or so people, and I notice that some of the people speaking with the father are missing limbs - arm, legs - not in a gruesome way, but I notice their prosthetics as they speak with him.

The father is a sort of tall lanky sandy-haired guy, with a moustache, late 30's, nice fellow - very Alabama, sort of Nascar... Anyway, I pass this one car noted above, and I'm intrigued since it's so unusual - I ask the father - who's already gotten in the vehicle if I can take a closer look, and he gives me the tour... (see the above description).