Monday, April 20, 2009

Hooray! One of My Favorite Roads...

... is now available on Google Maps Street View!

It's the switchback down the plateau on the way from Flagstaff to Sedona, AZ on 89-A.

At the top, it's pines, cedars and scrub brush. At the bottom, it's cottonwoods, ferns and water . It's a drop of about 1,100 feet in less than 8 minutes of driving from 6,500 ft to 5,400 ft into Sterling Canyon alongside Oak Creek.

By the time you hit Sedona, you've gone down to 4,200 feet, so there's a marked difference in temperature and weather (like from snow to balmy sunshine in the winter) - all in 45 minutes travel time.

Be sure to click the forward arrows and stop to look around as you go along... Enjoy:,-111.73409&spn=0,359.988627&t=h&z=17&layer=c&cbll=35.032154,-111.734114&panoid=uYJHweDSMleC5zdwFpq_Ew&cbp=12,173.29986467016332,,0,5

Friday, April 17, 2009

Still a favorite...

Even though it's no longer listed on their site, the Random Yahoo Link continues to be a favorite source of, well, randomness. Where else would you even think to find Alpacas for sale? (And who knew baby Alpacas were so cute?)

Go ahead, try it:

A new experience every time you click.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

MSNBC's Teabagging Coverage...

OK, yesterday there were April 15th Tax Day protests that supposedly took their inspiration from the Boston Tea Party.

(American Revolution, 1773, remember? See:

But instead instead of throwing tea into the Boston Harbor, these grass-roots events involve throwing / sending used teabags to/at politicians (especially Democrats).

The "media" took the opportunity to refer to yesterday's event as the "Teabagging Protest".

If you are unfamiliar with the term "teabagging", I won't describe it here - but you can look it up in the Urban Dictionary... see:

Now that you know what that means, enjoy this clip from MSNBC's David Schuster...