Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In Case You Ever Wondered...

I was originally curious about a pit bull vs. a wolf, but the idea of a rhino vs. a hippo is apparently quite thought provoking.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


... are the tail lights on new cars as bright as the headlights on old cars?

Sure, I understand the value of LED's - they last longer - but come on! That raw light blasting into my eyes at a traffic light is burning-out my retinas. Put some sort of refracting or diffusing lens over those things to lessen the blow. There should be a set limit on lumens (the light equivalent of decibels) on both headlights and tail lights. The car companies are manufacturing these things with way too much brightness, and I'm not surprised if it's contributing to accidents.

(Sound of me stepping off soap-box, applause.)

Uh oh...

I think my Mom found my blog... no more cursing!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Respects & Props for Rick D...

People familiar with the Philly music scene have no doubt heard of Rick "D" Dobrowolski's passing on April 7th. Rick was the co-owner of the Tritone Bar on South Street in Philadelphia.

Trained Attack Dogs had just played a show at the Tritone the Saturday before, which was a heck of a lot of fun, and afterward we were joking with Rick as we packed up our gear. As the first TAD appearance in years, we started the set with a tribute to friends who were no longer with us, and had no idea we would be counting another within a few days. Rick was in a good mood, looking like a guy enjoying what he did.

Many people have already written more eloquently than me about Rick's bio, his contributions to the Philly music scene, his funny wit. I first really remember Rick from Stalin's Daughter, when TAD played a show at Temple's Mitten Hall with them in 1986. A staple at Revival, Rick kept branching out into promotion and records, his Upstairs at Nicks and Firenze shows steadily building his cred. I didn't initially understand his obsession with Bob and Barbara's Lounge, except that he thought it was the best bar ever. When he opened up the Tritone right across the street from B&B, I was impressed, especially at the breadth of music he booked into the place over the years.

Nancy & I send our condolences, and TAD sends our condolences to Rick's family, to his Mother, to Susan, Doug & Lilly, to Linda, John & Audrey, and to all his friends.

Rick, I hope Heaven has a decent bar - and if not, I hope that you'll open one!