Sunday, January 04, 2009

Still Stupid...

There's a guy named madshackle who has a YouTube site with all kinds of cool Rock'n'Roll video on it... and he graciously pointed out to me that he's got some Still Stupid video there (THANKS DAVE!).

For lack of digitized material, I've never really been able to represent Still Stupid here... But now, I can!

Presenting for your enjoyment:

When I Get That Feeling
Why (Do You Look at Me)?

For reference, this show was at JC Dobbs in Philadelphia (somewhere around 1991), and we were: Jim Canfield (vocals, clarinet - currently in Bleeding, Sweating, Crying), David Otwell (guitar - currently in DeSoto Rust), Ken Kramar (skinny, non-bald guy w/ white guitar - hah!), Doug Lester (hat & bass), Pat Ward (drums).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ken, I think it's time for some Still Stupid MP3s.


4:41 PM  
Blogger T. D. Ward said...

Wow, you guys were really good. Pat looks really young in these videos.

(I'm his daughter, by the way)

2:32 AM  

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